What Is Heroin?

What Is Heroin

Heroin is abused by countless drug addicts across the globe. Spare a few minutes to find out how addicts abuse it and the dangers of using the drug.

Heroin is an extremely addictive and illicit drug. There are millions of addicts all over the world who can’t overpower the desire to carry on using it on a daily basis, knowing clearly that if they stop using it, they will have to deal with the pain of withdrawal.

Just like morphine and opium, Heroin comes from the resin of poppy plants.

  1. First, the milky, liquid-like opium substance is taken out of the pod (flower) of the poppy plant.
  2. The opium is then refined to make morphine.
  3. The morphine is further modified chemically into various types of heroin.

Heroin still remains a commonly abused drug despite its dangerous risks which are widely known.

It is sold and used in numerous forms:

  • Tar heroin (a black sticky substance)
  • Brown or white powder
  • Solid dark chunks

These different types of heroin can be injected under the skin, directly into the veins, or into the muscle or can be smoked or snorted. Injection creates additional risks to the addict, who faces the danger of HIV/AIDS or other added infections other than the pain of addiction alone. But irrespective of the method of consumption, the substance delivers its effects rapidly. While gauging the strength of any street drug from batch to batch is difficult, the possibility to overdose on heroin will always remain a likelihood no matter how little it is consumed.